Zhuhai International Exhibition Center

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The International exhibition center serves over 6,000 guests at a time, with a kitchen that was not yet environmentally friendly or could efficiently handle the large guest count, while producing 5-star quality food.


Mantru.e was able to design a kitchen based on replacing some of the older equipment that already existed, which were gas based and produced flare-ups.


The exhibition center chose Mantru.e because of the reliable quality product that is manufactured and well known throughout China. Mantru.e assured the exhibition center that they would receive excellent after-sales service in order to ensure that everything was delivered on time and that the installation process was properly done. 

Appliances installed

1.  400+400mm Induction Wok with Dual Burner & Dual Basin 

2.  1100mm 3-Door Induction Steaming Cabinet

3. Single Burner Soup Stove

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The kitchen transformed into a highly efficient, safe and user-friendly environment that was is now able to produce excellent food. The Exhibition center is saving money by using less electricity and their chefs are happier using products that do not cause flare-ups.